WAFF 48 Star Student : Kaylee Battles

WAFF Star Student: New Hope Elem. Kaylee Battles.
WAFF Star Student: New Hope Elem. Kaylee Battles.

NEW HOPE, AL (WAFF) - Kaylee Battles loves to sing, and she says no one does it better than Adele.

"She inspires me to do my best when I am singing," said Battles.

That inspiration has paid off because over the past two years, this 11-year-old fifth grader has snagged the top award in the annual talent show at New Hope Elementary.

"At first, I was nervous, but I heard that the audience liked it so it made me feel better," said Battles.

Kaylee has a lot of things to feel good about. She is quite an artist, winning first place in her school's art competition.

"I drew a mother owl and a couple of her babies on a branch," said Battles.

She also volunteers to help students with special needs.

"I played games with them and I taught them how to play the games right," said Battles.

On top of all of these accomplishments, Kaylee "usually" is a straight A student. She recently got a B in math on her report card, and she knows the reason why.

"When I'm in class, I kind of talk too much, and that kind of made me not study as well because I was worried about friends," said Battles.

It is back up to an A now.

Speaking of "stellar", some believe that is a good way to describe Kaylee's heart. She won second place in a 4H poster contest last year, along with one hundred dollars.

"When she came back to school, she wanted to give it to a Christmas family we were supporting, and that just warmed my heart, and just made me so proud for her," said New Hope assistant principal Carolyn Creighton.

We are proud of this future professional singer as well. That is why Kaylee Battles is a WAFF 48 Star Student.

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