Your Health: Staying focused when you have spring fever

DECATUR, AL (WAFF) - Many are familiar with "spring fever" - staring out a window as a teacher's instruction melts into soft murmuring.

Students who have been around a while are all too familiar with the symptoms.  Many of them are day dreaming about what they will do out of the classroom.

"Me and my friends are going to Smith Lake, and we're going to have a lot of good times, " said senior, Schuyler Moore.

"When I'm in class I just think about what I'm going to do on spring break and I just want to hang out with the youth at my church, and we're just going to get a lot of stuff together for spring break," said senior, Justice Strong.

This is a condition that strikes not only school students, but also adults.  So how do you deal with spring fever?

We must recognize the difference between spring fever and "seasonal affective disorder," which can be a real health problem and must be diagnosed by a professional.

But is there any validity to spring fever?

"I think the term spring fever is an appropriate representation for what happens to people during this time of year.  There's a rebirth.  There's a renewal process that's going on," said licensed counselor, Kenny Anderson.

It begins with simple things like grass and flowers and warm temperatures.  People are coming out of a dark, cold winter where they stay indoors.

Now they are re-energized.  So how do we keep that focus when we are so distracted?

"I think the key to addressing that is to stay focused.  To keep your priorities in order, recognize that with the days being much longer, there will be a lot more time after you're finished with the school assignment or the work assignment to get outdoors and do some things," said Anderson.

By working hard to keep that attentiveness and recognizing what's going on, we strive to work and stay focused.

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