Bobby's Bama: Alabama Music Museum brings history to students

LAUDERDALE COUNTY, AL (WAFF) - Imagery in the library at a Lauderdale School is actually an homage paid to Alabama musicians, singers, song writers and more.

It's an opportunity for students at Brooks Elementary School to learn about who's who in Alabama's musical heritage. Names which paved the musical way for others like Nat King Cole, Hank Williams and Jimmie Rogers.

Some students say they like it.

"I think it's really cool that they've been where I might have been once," says 5th grader Nissi Clingan.

The students also learn it's not just the person who sings the songs, but those behind the scenes are the people who work very hard - putting rhythm with rhyme.

While some names are familiar to these students others artists were better known by the student's grandparents.

Teacher Jennifer Gray says teachers, librarians and others helped put the displays together.

"We just felt this was a great opportunity to showcase not only the musical heritage that our state is known for but really focus in on the performers that we have here in Lauderdale County," said Gray.

By focusing on the history of the singer-songwriters from Alabama, these students are also getting a good history lesson into their own heritage.

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