Bobby's Bama: Exploration at Guntersville Museum

The past of Marshall County can be seen in the Guntersville Museum.
The past of Marshall County can be seen in the Guntersville Museum.

MARSHALL COUNTY, AL (WAFF) - It's been said if you want to understand people of a certain area you must understand their past.  The past of much of Marshall County is depicted here at the Guntersville Museum.

The building was constructed of local limestone in 1936 as a military armory; as part of the works progress act. Inside are collections reminiscent of that time focusing on company "E". It's also on the National Register of Historic Places.

"Our drill hall in the back is where the soldiers actually marched up and down and drilled. And they left here, for the World War II. They left from this building", said Carolyn Lusk, VP of museum board.

Many of the paintings depict life on lake Guntersville and the river. There are artists' renderings of steamboats.

Further back in time, Native American artifacts are plentiful. Another area focuses on the minerals found in the area.

People familiar with the old Rock Elementary School may recognize the collection of mostly native birds. They were mounted by the late Bessie Rayburn Samuel in the 1920's.

"This is the John Allan Wyeth area of the museum and this is one of our oldest collections. This table right here was a surgical table, which was invented by Dr. John Allan Wyeth a hundred years ago. And these tables were made in Guntersville and they were sent all over the world." "He is the only person from Marshall County that has a statue down in Montgomery," said Lusk.

The statue is in front of the state capitol. There are also pictures of Dr. Wyeth as a Confederate soldier.

The museum also has the Marshall County Sports Hall of Fame.

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