WAFF 48 Star Student : Emily Fleming

Emily Fleming is a Star Student.
Emily Fleming is a Star Student.

MADISON COUNTY, AL (WAFF) - Emily Fleming has learned a lot about herself in 14 years.

"I talk too much," said Fleming.

She admits she has the gift of gab, but this freshman at Madison County High School also has many other gifts.

One is the gift of music. She plays guitar and sings at her church.

When she really wants to get the crowd moving, she picks up her snare drum, which she plays in the school band. She started in the 6th grade.

"My brother was actually a snare drummer. So, my whole life, I saw him in the band, and I was like that is so cool," said Fleming.

However, when she is not working to perfect that particular gift, she kicking it into high gear on another one- karate.

"When I was about 6 years old, I don't remember where it came from, I don't know if I saw it somewhere, I just said mom, I want to take karate, and she was like what?" said Fleming.

Emily was serious, and went on to earn a black belt as well as a trainee instructor badge in the martial art.

"I'm very outgoing. I always have been. I like to try new things. I like to meet new people," said Fleming.

Emily plays a number of sports, including softball. She is also a straight A student.

Her band director confirms yet another one of Emily's gifts.

"She really, really shines in terms of how she works with others. She really works well with others. She's a very caring person. It really, really shows," said Jenney Merritt.

That is the gift Emily is most proud of because she says her main goal is to be a reflection of God.

"I've grown up in church my whole life, and I really think that once you lose everything on this Earth, all you have is what He thinks of you and what He sees of you. And when you wonder what God sees of you then that's what everybody else is going to see of you. And to me, that's just a big thing, that you are pleasing to God everyday," said Fleming.

Emily Fleming is a WAFF 48 Star Student.

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