First surgery at new Madison Hospital: Family affair

A knee surgery was the first surgery done at the new Madison Hospital.
A knee surgery was the first surgery done at the new Madison Hospital.

MADISON, AL (WAFF) - The surgical rooms at the new Madison Hospital are still shiny and new, but they are being broken in little by little.

The first person to have surgery was Ron Baker, who just happens to have a "tie" to the new hospital.

"Well, my sister is the president of Madison Hospital," laughed Baker.

The surgery is for a meniscus tear in his knee. They go in with a camera and then trim the torn cartilage. This isn't the first time he's been operated on for the same problem.

"I was on the roof cleaning gutters out in the fall, both times, and the house we were in six years ago had a 10/12 pitch roof on it and I got up the next day and realized I had a knee problem - found I had a tear," said Baker.

So what kind of pressure does this put on the surgeon - operating on the brother of the head of the new hospital?

"It's a little pressure, but it's something I do every day on a regular basis," said surgeon, Dr. Allen Goodson.

He said once you are in the operating room, you're concentrating on "what's" in the body, not "whose" body it is.

He said it's like any high pressure situation.

"You don't even think about who you're operating on. You sort of block that out," Goodson said.

"I think my roof days are over with. I've only got two knees," said Baker.

He will now leave the irony and surgery to someone else.

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