WAFF 48 Star Student: Xander Voigt

MADISON, AL (WAFF) - There are two things you can count on finding on Xander Voigt at all times- his glasses and a book.

"It's called the Great Tree of Avalon. It's just a fun, kind of medieval times book. Those are generally my favorite," said Voigt.

However, when it comes to school subjects at Madison Elementary, the 11-year-old doesn't mince words on what is his least favorite, and that is history.

"I'm not really a stickler for learning about the past," said Voigt.

He is a stickler for overall education, and his report cards prove it.

The sixth grader is a straight "A" student in the gifted program.

He recently won the school spelling bee with the word 'cumulonimbus', and on top of being top speller, he is quite busy as well.

Xander is a boy scout and a soccer player.

"I like it for the fun of it. I can work with my feet well," said Voigt.

"I feel like he has a lot of leadership qualities. I feel like he's a student that if he dreams it, then he's going to achieve it, and I think whatever he does, he is going to be successful," said teacher Mia Reed.

Right now, Xander is focused on being a successful author. He has already started writing his own book, which he says will be a small series. Like any good writer, he doesn't give out a lot of details about his work, especially since he is still sketching out each chapter.

However, he did say this-

"The story will be ,hopefully set on one character at the beginning. And then, the next, if I manage books, they'll be set on another character's point of view while leaving the first one in the dust. Like that's still the main character, but as not to give the story away, they'd switch between," said Voigt.

While he is keeping us on the edge of our seats with a book he expects to finish by the end of next summer, there is no mystery here - Xander Voigt is a WAFF 48 Star Student.

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