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Morgan County deputies make huge pot bust


Wednesday night Morgan County Sheriff's deputies discovered a house on Bob White Drive that had been converted into a huge indoor marijuana farm.

They believe the people growing the pot have been distributing it all over the U.S.

Morgan County Sheriff Anna Franklin said the growers were not home at the time of the bust, but investigators know who they are and are in the process of getting warrants for their arrests.

Franklin said the crooks installed a huge AC unit in the garage so neighbors couldn't see it. She said they also set up an extensive lighting system.

The crooks hired an electrician to bypass the electricity going to the house from a nearby utility pole, so that the utility company wouldn't suspect anything, according to Franklin.

Franklin estimated about $100,000 to $200,000 worth of marijuana has passed through the house over the period of two or three growing seasons, which were accelerated by the sophisticated lights and air ducts.

Federal investigators may get involved in this case because of the possibility of widespread distribution.

Franklin said investigators are in the process of obtaining warrants and trying to find the suspects. Franklin said the suspects are local, but did not release names.

Investigators will begin sifting through documentation and financial information to determine what happens to the house.

In addition to Sheriff's deputies, Animal Control was also called to the scene. Franklin said a pit bull was found in the back yard of the house during the drug seizure. Animal Control was called to the property and the animal was turned loose in the back yard. They will continue to check on the dog to make sure it is not abandoned. If it's not being cared for, they will seize the animal.

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