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Corruption trial ends; What's next?

The acquittal of all defendants in Alabama's gambling corruption trial may not be the end of the case. A defense attorney for casino owner Milton McGregor says he's considering legal action against people who may have wrongfully caused the case or wrongfully participated.

Attorney Joe Espy declined to name who might be included.

Federal prosecutors have asked a judge to delay the sentencing of the four people who pleaded guilty in the case. They want them delayed from April to at least August because they say "the need for the defendants' cooperation will continue for the foreseeable future."

Prosecutors didn't say why the continued cooperation is needed.

The four who pleaded guilty are former Rep. Terry Spicer, casino developer Ronnie Gilley, and his lobbyists, Jarrod Massey and Jennifer Pouncy.


Gov. Robert Bentley says he won't question the jury's verdict in the trial. Bentley said the jurors had a tough job to do and he trusts in the legal system.

Some of the defendants who were acquitted said the case was politically motivated to stop gambling legislation and help Republicans win a majority in the Legislature.

House Speaker Mike Hubbard, who led the state Republican Party during the 2010 elections, said he doesn't know why President Obama's Justice Department would want to do anything to help Republicans.

He said the case led to tougher ethics and government corruption laws and he doesn't expect to see the same shenanigans again at the Statehouse.


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