Madison County will have to cleanup storm debris

Madison County is cleaning up the debris from Friday's tornado damage.
Madison County is cleaning up the debris from Friday's tornado damage.

MADISON COUNTY, AL (WAFF) - Madison County isn't wasting time cleaning up Friday's tornado damage.

Parts of North Eastern Madison County were hit hard. Commissioner Roger Jones immediately set up a dump site in New Market to handle some of the debris.

The designated dump site is located off Mint Springs Road in New Market. The county is hauling tree debris to the site to burn.

Commissioner Jones says about 160 loads of debris has already been picked up.

Right now, it doesn't appear they will receive any help from FEMA. So, Madison County is responsible for cleaning up and hauling away debris.

Jones said he has cleanup crews from his district picking up debris.

Commissioners Bob Harrison and Jerry Craig have loaned him equipment and more man power.

Two Huntsville City crews are also helping in the cleanup efforts along with volunteers.

The county is using dump trucks to pick up and haul tree debris.

Household debris will be sent to the county landfill.

Jones said homeowners should pile any debris near the road.

If homeowners give permission, the county will go onto private property to pick up debris as well.

A second designated burn site for county crews will be set up in the North West side of the county, where Harvest residents suffered major damage to homes.

The county says they don't know how much it will cost to have all the debris removed and hauled away. They will know more about cost estimates Friday, during their scheduled county commission meeting.

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