Saving Reverie Barksdale

DECATUR, AL (WAFF) - Reverie Barksdale is a 4 year old girl with lots of energy, but she has two major health problems.

She has Tracheal Stenosis: narrowing of the windpipe. Also, she has inflammation and scarring in her lungs caused by bpd Bronocopulmonary Displaysia.

Reverie was adopted from Korea, and she was a premature baby.

"Her Korean paperwork says she was in stillbirth and had no heart rate for 25 minutes, and one doctor would not stop resuscitating her and by the grace of god she came back," said her mom, Jennifer Barksdale.

Both Reverie and her brother, Paxton, were adopted from Korea. Their parents try to make sure their kids are proud of their heritage, but right now the family focus is on Reverie's health.

"She's been on medication for quite some time and unfortunately she's not responding to that anymore," said Jennifer Barksdale.

After many trips to an Ohio hospital, Reverie must have two surgeries; one for each condition.

"We are scheduled March the 21st at Cincinnati Children's Hospital in Ohio to undergo a tracheal reconstruction surgery. It is a complex surgery," said Barksdale.

If the recovery from this surgery goes well, surgeons will later remove the diseased part of her lung.

These operations don't come cheap. So far insurance has paid 80%, but what's left is still very expensive. They don't know how much the "big surgery" will cost.

She said, "It's very hard...especially when you're a family of 4.....and dad works very hard and he's a great provider."

They were told to plan on their daughter being in the hospital for about 6 weeks. And her mom has many hopes and prayers for her daughter.

"She's here for a great purpose. God gave her back to us and I just can't wait to see her fulfill that purpose."

Reverie's medical expenses have added up and will continue to grow. They've set up a bank account in Reverie's name to try to help with those expenses.  That account is at any Redstone Federal Credit Union.

There will also be a benefit featuring the flashbacks and a silent auction.  The benefit will be March 31st at 7 p.m. at the Princess Theatre in Decatur.

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