AG places restraining order against local storm shelter company

We know that storm shelters save lives, and many people are having them built inside or near their homes. However, this morning, a Valley company that installs storm shelters, faces legal action.The Madison County Circuit Court granted the Attorney General's request to file a temporary restraining order against Tornado Masters, which is based in Toney. WAFF 48's Tricia Forbes is digging deeper into this story and joins us this morning with more on the specifics of why this company is being accused of violating state law.

IRS officials are warning us to be on the look out for another tax scam. Agents say scammers have promised a tax credit to help pay for school for a fee. Our Jamel Lanee is on top of this story and has more on what we need to watch out for, as well as who the scammers are targeting.

We have a very interesting story this morning regarding ADHD. A new study suggests that a child's birth month could have an impact on whether he or she is identified as having the disorder. Tune in at 5:54! You don't want to miss this one!

However, you don't have to wait until then to join us. WAFF 48 News Today begins at 4:30! See you then!

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