Limestone County family loses three homes to tornado

Three generations of a Limestone family lost their homes in Friday's tornados.
Three generations of a Limestone family lost their homes in Friday's tornados.

LIMESTONE COUNTY, AL (WAFF) - The road to recovery will be even more difficult for tornado victims who have little or no home insurance. A Limestone County family who lives on Nick Davis Road had three generations in three homes in the same property. Friday, they lost all three.

Joey Baldwin had not been home long, after his graveyard shift at work. The tornado blew his mobile home apart. He covered his wife and their thirteen year old son with his body.

"I do remember the tornado trying to lift me up off of my family. I just got a bigger hold and laid down on top of their heads. And told them everything's going to be alright. Afterwards, my wife told me I was her hero. I said for what. She said because you saved us. I said I was willing to die to make sure they were okay," Joey Baldwin said as he choked back tears.

The Baldwin family had three homes on the same property. Joey's home and his sister's home are gone. The third, his parents' home, is also likely destroyed.

"My nephew, he's special needs, All he knows right now he don't have no home," Joey Baldwin said.

None of them have home insurance. Still, Joey said he will rebuild. This time, he said, he will build a full house, not a mobile home. His mother, Paulette, said her kids grew up here and she believes her grandchildren will too.

"I kept saying as long as everybody's okay, we can replace everything else. And that what's going to happen. We're going to replace everything else. As long as we're all alive, we'll be okay," Paulette said.

Local emergency management officials will survey of the total damage. They will turn in estimates to the state, and then the state will turn the numbers over to FEMA. Ultimately, whether there is any federal aid to help families like the Baldwin's could be decided by the President.

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