WAFF 48 Star Student: Aly Hargrave

FAYETTEVILLE, TN (WAFF) - 11-year-old Aly Hargrave is a bright young lady. The Fayetteville Middle School 5th grader has maintained a 100 grade point average for every nine weeks this school year so far.

She really likes math.

"I like adding up and subtracting and all that," said Hargrave.

Her teacher says Aly is a quiet young lady in the classroom, but is quite impressive.

"She is an excellent student. She strives to give 100% at everything that she does. She's very self motivated, very determined to do her best," said teacher Tim Hobbs.

"I study a lot and I want to be a veterinarian when I grow up," said Hargrave.

Her career goal suits her because she loves animals.

Aly is the 4H president of her class, and in her position, she shows a few of her cows.

"I show Sheba, Carly, and Lily," said Hargrave.

Not only does she show cows - she judges them as well! She has judged livestock in about six competitions, so she filled us in on what makes an award winning heifer.

"They have good stride in their step and they are not bow-legged or nothing like that. You want a heifer that is deep-sided, and it doesn't matter if they are tall or short," said Hargrave.

Aly is an expert when it comes to livestock.

She is also an expert when it comes to other animals as well, since she has ten cows, two cats, and quite a few dogs.

"I used to have 13. Now, I have like five because they had puppies," said Hargrave.

Aly likes to stay busy. On top of taking care of her four-legged friends, she plays softball and plans to try out for the school's basketball team next year.

So, for being well-rounded, and just good at everything she does, Aly Hargrave is a WAFF 48 Star Student.

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