Bobby’s Bama: Inside home and mind of an artist

MORGAN COUNTY, AL (WAFF) - If you've ever heard the saying "art is in the eye of the beholder", you know how important "perspective" can be.

Woody Woodard's home is like a gallery starting with the mural on the wall.  There's something for everyone.

Woodard began doodling about age 6, and he had a big influence.

"My mother was a teacher.  She was also a very accomplished artist.  She couldn't do landscapes. She could do flowers, but I like landscapes," said Woodard.

That's his first love, but there are other influences like a nurse who he tended him in the hospital who became this chief.

While there was no "formal" art education, Woodard continued to perfect his craft, while finding inspiration.

"It's usually some church, covered bridge or just something people relate to," he said.

Like a homestead or church, long gone but for the impressions left in sweet memories.  He says his work is at times therapeutic.

"A lot of nights, if I have something on my mind, that might be bothering me I can come to the drawing board and it's totally gone," he said.

There is some symbolism: a lighthouse showing the way home for mariners or lighting the straight and narrow path for Christians.

While he says he can't remember a phone number, he does visualize the slightest detail about places.

"A building I see somewhere in the country like an old barn, I can go back 6 months later and put it together and usually the missing boards or anything. I do that, but I have no memory on simple things," said Woodard.

He will take no money. He says his payment is the joy he brings to others.

"That's what I find a lot of pleasure in, is handing it to somebody," he said.

Most of his work is painted, but you will find some sculptures and more.  The mediums are not limited from ceiling tiles to canister drum tops and more.

You never know what's going to inspire an artist.  Something simple like a bark of wood can feature a beautiful landscape and that can translate to a steel scoop or an emu egg.  Lots of choices, lots of beautiful scenery in Bobby's Bama.

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