Madison County Circuit Clerk pleads guilty to misdemeanor charges

Jane C. Smith (source: Madison County)
Jane C. Smith (source: Madison County)

MADISON COUNTY, AL (WAFF) - Madison County Circuit Clerk Jane Smith has pleaded guilty to misdemeanor charges resulting from allowing someone without authorization to access a protected computer in the court's data system.

WAFF 48 News obtained documents from the federal court system.

They say Jane Smith intentionally allowed someone without authorization to access a protected computer. This involves the court's state judicial information system.

We are working to find out how this impacts the judicial system in Madison County and if there will be any impact on cases.

WAFF 48 received a statement from Smith's office:

"When you make a mistake, you own up to it, accept responsibility, and move on," said Smith. "My only goal with this computer project was to ensure that Madison County has the most efficient and modernized system possible to improve efficiency and make our courts run better. I am happy to put this issue behind me and continue my 39 years of service to this office and the people of Madison County."

[Click here to read the out of district court document (PDF)]

[Click here to read the court document with information about Smith's charges (PDF)]

The plead agreement involves only misdemeanor charges and therefore will not affect Jane's ability to continue serving as Circuit Court Clerk for Madison County or her ability to seek re-election in the upcoming Republican Primary on March 13th.

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