WAFF 48 Star Student : Crystyl Perry

HUNTSVILLE, AL (WAFF) - Crystyl Perry describes herself as a "country girl" who loves to cook.

"Ever since I was little and helped my mom in the kitchen with cooking and stuff like that or help my dad grill, I always wanted to be a chef. I wanted to cook," said Perry.

However, that all changed when this Buckhorn High School senior got a taste of welding. It all started at the beginning of the school year when she signed up for a welding class at the Madison County career tech center

"When I first got into it, I tried it out,and I was going to just try it out to see if I liked it, and when we first got into the shop, I fell absolutely in love with it," said Perry.

Her love for it, along with her talent, has recently earned her recognition and even a scholarship from Go Build Alabama.

Also, as the only young lady in a group of 16 students, she's also earned something else - respect and admiration.

"She comes with a determination to learn welding. I discovered that in week one, and she has done a fantastic job ever since she has been there," said welding instructor Charles Scruggs.

Crystyl is not just good in this class. She is good in all of them, and many say her self-motivation is the reason why.

"She respects her teachers and her peers. She gets instruction usually the first time but she is not too timid to ask questions when she doesn't. Just the ideal student," said career tech teacher William Livermore.

Crystyl says after college, she plans to take her talent to the next level by becoming an underwater welder. She likes to be challenged.

"In life, challenges are always going to hit you, and you have to get through them. So, if I can challenge myself in my own way and bump through them, then I know life won't be that big of a deal for me. It will be no problem."

That is why it is no problem for us to name Crystyl Perry a WAFF 48 Star Student.

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