No Excuses - Week 2 of WAFF New Reporter's weight loss journey

HUNTSVILLE, AL (WAFF) - We all knowing losing weight is important. Not only will you look better but you will feel better too.

WAFF-48's Elizabeth Gentle discovered on her weight loss journey it can be the difference between good health and bad.

It's been two weeks since I adopted a healthier lifestyle and so far I've lost ten pounds.

While working to lose more weight that's not the only battle I'm facing. Recent blood work showed some concerning results.

Medical results showed my total cholesterol being at 223. Doctors say it needs to be around 200. Test results also showed my good cholesterol is too low.

"That concerns me," said Dr. Tim Howard. "What happens is you get high cholesterol you don't have as much protection given all this is a build up on the coronary arteries."

Dr. Howard found another potential problem.

"Your blood sugar is 107. The cut off now for the ADA (American Dietetic Association) is 100 for normal fasting blood sugar. That tells me you have impaired fasting glucose," said Dr. Howard.

Dr. Howard is referring to pre-diabetes.

So with high cholesterol and borderline sugar problems what do you do?

Dr. Howard said I am on the right track by following a low-calorie diet plan, watching what I eat, and logging every bite. He also told me to watch the fat intake and to keep it around 25-30 percent.

Avoid dark meat as it has a higher fat content and eat turkey breast or other white meats that contain less fats.

Dr. Howard also recommends using mono saturated fats-like olive oil and peanut oil but monitor how much you use.

He also advises reading the labels. Eat a bowl of oatmeal, oat grains, or whole oats to reduce cholesterol and he says don't forget to exercise.

"It not only increases your good cholesterol and makes insulin more efficient to be used by the body that you make naturally," said Dr. Howard.

I have an appointment next month to have my blood work re-checked.

Meanwhile, I continue to remain on a 1500 calorie plan diet and weigh in at least every other day so I can keep track just in case I gain a pound or two.

If you want to learn more about my weight loss journey you can find my "No Excuses" blog on our WAFF-48 Facebook page.

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