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Lawmakers push jobs bill that would benefit unemployed veterans

Heroes for Hire Tax Credit Act helps veterans find jobs and benefits businesses. Heroes for Hire Tax Credit Act helps veterans find jobs and benefits businesses.

Alabama lawmakers tackled jobs growth legislation in Montgomery on Thursday.

Among the initiatives is a bill that will give a tax incentive for businesses that hire unemployed veterans.

HB152, also known as the "Heroes for Hire" Tax Credit Act, helps veterans find work but gives businesses a boost too.

State House representatives approved a number of jobs bills on Thursday but expect to address HB152 next week when lawmakers convene again on Tuesday.

If passed, the proposal would give a $1,000 income tax credit for Alabama employers that hire an unemployed veteran. A $2,000 tax credit would be given to veterans if they start their own business.

But there are certain guidelines on who benefits from the proposal.

If passed, businesses will get the tax credit only if they hire a veteran who was recently deployed and discharged from the military.

Veterans must also have been an Alabama resident when they were deployed or if they were in military service with the Alabama National Guard or other reserve base in the state. They must also have filed for unemployment benefits.

Leaders from organizations like Still Serving Veterans, based in Huntsville, help veterans find work and said the bill is a win-win situation for all.

"It's a win for the veteran who's unemployed, it's a win for the community because it brings jobs to the community, and it's also a win for the companies and corporations who employ veterans," said William Webb, co-founder of Still Serving Veterans.

Webb said younger veterans in particular will benefit from the bill the most. He said young service members are the most in need because many of them went to war even before they drafted a resume or find a civilian job.  

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