Do self defense gadgets really work? A WAFF 48 News Special Report

Margo Gray tests out ten self defense weapons woman can carry in a purse.
Margo Gray tests out ten self defense weapons woman can carry in a purse.

HUNTSVILLE, AL (WAFF) - According to statistics, violent crimes against women happen every 19 seconds.

It's better to be safe than sorry, that's why many people are turning to gadgets for self defense. You can find tons all over the Internet but how well do they work?

We put five items to the test with Joseph Alexander, a black belt in martial arts. We also showed them to women in the area.

The first item looks like a hair brush but when you pull it apart, inside is a pointed weapon.

"I wouldn't carry it, it wouldn't fit in my purse and I wouldn't carry things like that," said one woman.

The next item is an oversized pen called the pocket shark.

"Maybe you can stab somebody in the eye with that, but you can stab them with a ball point pen every bit as easy," said Alexander.

The third item is the most commonly used, peppery spray. Alexander warns that you need to be trained to use it properly.

The next item is the slap cap. It's a baseball cap with a heavy bean bag sewn inside to hit someone with.

"It can hurt but how good can you hold that hat? How well are you going to wear it? How often can you wear it to get where you can actually use and have it not taken away from you?" said Alexander.

The last gadget we found online is a door stop. It's not a weapon but a good tool for protection. It's make a loud noise when it's pressed.

Alexander pointed out three key things to keep in mind; avoidance, awareness and resistance, which may come down to knowing proper self defense.
Alexander said knowing the right moves at the very least, can give you a fighting chance to save your life.

All of the items we tested can be purchase under $100.

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