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Jackson Co. school board decides to keep assemblies that include religion


Parents in Jackson County are responding favorably to a school board's decision to stand by assemblies that include religion despite threats from a group that is pro-separation of church and state. 

Parents say they interpret the First Amendment as freedom of religion, not freedom from religion.

Jackson County residents are defending student led prayer at football games despite a Wisconsin organization that's threatening legal action against the school system if they don't stop. But Monday night, Jackson County's school board said no.

School superintendent Kenneth Harding said he's never gotten a complaint only a letter from a very small out of state group telling them to stop.

The group Freedom from Religion Foundation is also requesting cancellation of "The Bible Man," which is an assembly for elementary school kids that includes a baby Jesus display.

The group even wants an honorary breakfast for football players at a local church stopped, which is something Harding feels is way out of line for the group's request.

Harding said they may consider tweaking some things but don't plan on stopping anything.

Officials with Freedom from Religion said they are disappointed by the board's decision and they will look into pursuing this further including court litigation.

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