Drain problem causing major flooding, homeowner blames county

MADISON COUNTY, AL (WAFF) - Homeowners are already nervous over more rain in the forecast and many do not want anymore flooding problems.

Madison county homeowner, Dawn John says she has absolutely no drainage around her home and wants the county to solve the problem.

Heavy rain and no drainage created a problem outside and inside her home. Water seeped in, covering everything and turning her brand new carpet into a sponge. She believes the rain is getting dumped in her backyard as runoff from roads nearby.

County engineers have come out to access the problem and they say the ditch behind her house is overgrown and needs maintenance.

"If I don't get some sort of resolution quickly, I will have to sue the county. I can't live like this every two months if my house is going to flood," added John.

Madison County engineers and County Commissioner Dale Strong did sit down with Dawn. They say it's not runoff from the roads causing the problem; it's a ditch that needs works.

John will now join a long line of requests from other homeowners who need the same work.

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