Huntsville Police burglary reduction plan sees results

HUNTSVILLE, AL (WAFF) - Huntsville Police spokesman Harry Hobbs says burglaries are decreasing in the city of Huntsville.

There were 225 burglaries reported in December 2011 compared to 261 reported in November 2011, a 13.8% decrease. The reduction continued through the first 15 days of January 2012, with 95 burglaries reported.

Huntsville experienced an increase in burglaries in September and October 2011. Huntsville Police initiated a Burglary Reduction Plan in November and December which was based on improving the public's awareness and increasing investigation and enforcement activities.

The public awareness consisted of radio psa's, newspaper articles, TV interviews, LED signage and a burglary prevention manual on how to reduce the chances of becoming a burglary victim. The Plan also provided burglary prevention tips and ways that citizens and businesses can work with the Huntsville Police Department to implement preventive measures.

The Police Department also assigned officers to a Burglary Detail and a Burglary Task Force. This reduction in burglaries is the result of citizens, businesses, and the police department working together.

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