WAFF 48 Star Student: Japeth Randolph

17 year Japeth Randolph admits his name is unique, which is partly why he hardly ever uses it.

"Most of the time, people just call me "Bucky". That's the nickname I have because nobody can ever get my name right," said Randolph.

However, his name is not the only thing that makes this North Sand Mountain High School senior stand out. He is a well-rounded guy, excelling in pretty much everything he does.

Japeth is an honor roll student and a class leader.

"Being a leader, you can't just force stuff on people. You have to lead by example, is what I've learned," said Randolph.

He has surely set an example. Japeth is a member of the BETA CLUB, Mu Alpha Theta, and FFA, and he has received numerous awards in English,math, and science.

However, he doesn't just "lead" in the classroom. He leads on the football field as well, and has been since he was 7.

I asked who helps him keep his priorities in order.

"I have a really good family. I mean, my mom, she helps so much," said Randolph.

Chemistry is one of Japeth's favorite subjects, and he is one of his teacher's favorite students. Scott Byrum says Japeth is always dependable.

"He wears a big smile. He's very well-liked among his peers here at the school, and I think that's one thing, he is willing and cooperative with his peers. Not only those but the teachers as well," said Byrum.

Japeth wants to be a physical therapist when he graduates from college. He says it's a career that helps others in need, and frankly, a career like that would make him feel good.

"It's just the best feeling in the world. If you help somebody, the look in their face. You know how much they appreciate it," said Randolph.

Many people already appreciate you, Japeth.

That's why Japeth Randolph is a WAFF 48 Star Student.

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