Above and Beyond: Angela Walker and Huntsville Community Drumline

"A lot of times we can sit around and talk about 'Oh, these young kids today' and 'Oh these kids, they're always doing something wrong.' You can sit around and talk about it and talk about it, but at some point, you have to do something about it," said Angela Walker.

Walker started "doing something about it" in 2010.

After retiring from Huntsville City Schools, she wanted to continue helping students in a different way. Her son loved the drums, and she figured other children would as well. So, she decided to start the Huntsville Community Drumline, where any child could learn to play the drums, free of charge.

"It's fun, it's entertaining, it keeps them occupied doing something positive, and then it also provides performance opportunities," said Walker.

They have had over 80 performances so far at various events.

That is probably why you can find dozens of students at the center twice a week, learning from several professionals in the business. They are learning and sharpening their skills, not only on the drums, but in dance as well.

"I don't allow them to just come and spectate. If they come, they either have to dance, or they have to be on the drums," said Walker.

18-year-old Chris Owens did not know how to play the drums at all when he joined back in March. Now, he's playing the quads.

Chris' friend Ted Roberts loves this drumline so much that he has decided to major in music when he heads to UNA next year. He believes Mrs. Walker and her vision are a blessing.

"She has been there for me for more than just drumline. Whenever I need her, she's there. Sometimes, I miss the bus and I have to call her and say 'Hey Mrs. Walker, can you give me a ride to school?' And she is always willing to help and I'm thankful for Mrs. Walker actually," said Roberts.

Walker said she simply wants them to have a shot at going to college one day.

"I don't want you to have to report on them doing something, either getting shot, getting killed, robbing a store or something like that. That's what's important for me," said Walker.

That is going above and beyond.

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