Hartselle Medical Center provides connection for seniors

Hartselle Medical Center is a place seniors can go to socialize and get exercise.
Hartselle Medical Center is a place seniors can go to socialize and get exercise.

HARTSELLE, AL (WAFF) - According to the U.S. Census Bureau, Americans are living longer than ever.  But that also means changes in lifestyles and health habits.

Popular places for a lot of seniors to go to stay healthy and happy, ironically, are hospitals!

These folks are hitting the exercise equipment at Hartselle Medical Center.  It's part of the "Senior Connection."

"It's a community outreach program and you need to be 50 or older and what we do is offer different activities," said Kathy Goodwin, over marketing and community development.

In addition to exercise, they offer advice on healthy diets, and screenings like blood pressure or cholesterol checks.

Healthy lifestyle changes for seniors and more combine for a major program for seniors, and it only costs $15 a year.

That's a great deal for the Edmundsons.  Evelyn has Parkinson's and says it's just what the doctor ordered.

"That was the problem, mostly was my legs and my walking and it's really straightened me up," Evelyn Edmundson said.

"The exercise is for about three days a week, especially in the summer time, we have other activities. We might not come that often, but in the winter time it's a good place to exercise," said Morris Edmundson.

And everyone admits it's a good place to make new friends. The Senior Connection in Hartselle has more than 800 members.

It's also an opportunity for people not only to exercise but get good information about things like nutrition.  And it gives seniors a chance to socialize, which is a little something extra for Your Health.

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