Bobby’s Bama: Golden Girls Circle makes blankets for sick kids

The Golden Girls Circle at Glenwood Healthcare facility
The Golden Girls Circle at Glenwood Healthcare facility

The thought of children in the hospital during the holidays is a sad situation.

The Golden Girls Circle has a heart of gold.  These ladies are all residents of the Glenwood Healthcare facility.  They are using fleece to make blankets.

"I was talking to the hairdresser and telling her I didn't have too much to do other than watch TV. I didn't get out much," said resident, Glenda Sherea White.

From there the idea was born.  A group of residents met regularly making fleece blankets to send to children who were tornado victims.  They liked what they did and how they felt doing it.  So they decided to keep making the blankets for children at Huntsville Hospital, something especially important during the holiday season.

"I think it's easy 'cause anything hard I wouldn't be able to do," said Sophie Poole.

97-year-old Audrey Thompson helped take the first batch to Huntsville Hospital.

"I love it!  It's kind of hard for me because I can't see and I have to feel. They give me colors that I can see match good, you know? It's wonderful.  I love it, and it's went for a good cause," Thompson said.

Thinking of kids in the hospital takes several of these ladies back in time to memories of their own children and grandchildren.

"They're easy to do, or I couldn't do it. When we have the pretty colors.  Of course, we know they're going to the children's hospital," said resident, Kathryn Ezell.

"We all get together and make friendships and everything - eat.  We just have a good time," said Joyce Kersey.

Eighteen residents were involved at one time or another.  The staff here said all of a sudden these senior princesses had a purpose and their hand coordination improved.  Their personalities were positive, and they were having fun.  Best of all, they are needed, once again.

These little blankets are going to make some kids very happy in Huntsville.  Good people doing good things in Bobby's Bama.

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