Your Health: OsteoStrong, drug-free way to prevent osteoporosis

Healthy bone versus bone with osteoporosis
Healthy bone versus bone with osteoporosis

Osteoporosis affects 10 million Americans. Fifty-five percent of Americans over the age of 50 have low bone mass, and that puts them at a higher risk for it.

In photos you can see what bone looks like in someone who has osteoporosis.  The honeycomb bone has holes much larger than normal, which renders the bone thinner, weaker, and easier to break.

For years doctor have recommended drugs, vitamins, and weight bearing exercise.

Now there is something new in Huntsville.

"OsteoStrong is a safe and proven method in which we help people increase their bone density," said Jeff Sweeney, with OsteoStrong of Huntsville.

It's an isometric exercise that also helps the muscle.

"How we are able to do this is to simply apply pressure on all ends of the bone, which would result in three to four times greater the pressure you could ever apply in a gym situation," said Sweeney.

They are able to measure that pressure and compare it to other visits.

Mary McNairy has only been using the system for about a month and says she can already see a tremendous difference.

"My joints aren't hurting when I walk, when I climb stairs, when I clean house, iron.  Before, I was in such pain. After, I would spend an hour or two hours on my feet, it would just hurt," she said.

She describes this five minute workout as low impact and gentle on the joints.

The program is just under $15 per visit and is not covered by insurance.

The program is still fairly new to Huntsville.  They've been in existence here for about eight weeks, and this program does not involve drugs.

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