Jackson County man dies in hunting accident

We hope you have some time to enjoy your family this day after Christmas. Here are a few of the stories we're working on for this evening's newscasts.

Jackson County authorities are trying to find out who killed a man while he was putting grain in a feeder behind his home. They are calling it a hunting accident, but are still asking for tips in the case. His wife found his body next to his 4-wheeler and thought he had a heart attack. It wasn't until his body was taken to the hospital that officials realized he'd been shot. Stephen McLamb is in Jackson County today and will bring you the latest on this investigation.

Fire officials are working to determine the cause of an apartment fire that killed a Huntsville woman on Christmas day. Reporter Shumuriel Ratliff talked with the victim's family today. After spending Christmas Eve with her family, Jackqueline Summers was found unconscious inside her burning home. Shumuriel will have more on this story tonight.

Christmas parties generate a lot of trash, so what do you do with it when the holiday is over? You can recycle a lot of those things from wrapping paper to Christmas trees. We'll have some good ideas for going green into the New Year.

And what will you do with all of those gift cards you got this weekend? Judging by the traffic, many of you are out and about spending them on after-Christmas deals. Starting at 4 p.m. we'll have your latest traffic updates on WAFF 48 News Now so you can see what you're driving into.

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