Mall madness and the countdown to Christmas

Fights broke out in several shoe stores Friday as crowds waited to buy the new AirJordan Concord 11 shoes. (Source: WBTV)
Fights broke out in several shoe stores Friday as crowds waited to buy the new AirJordan Concord 11 shoes. (Source: WBTV)

It's Christmas Eve-Eve, but boy, are there folks out there acting like Scrooge! I'm talking brawls and gunfire, ALL over a pair of shoes! That's right. Retro Air Jordans went on sale nationwide this morning and across the nation, you'd think that someone was giving away $100 bills! Our Nick Lough braved the crowds today to bring us this unbelievable story with video that you won't be able to turn away from.

Did you have to pick up a few last minute gifts today or are you part of the 25 PERCENT of Americans who still haven't even STARTED shopping for Christmas? You won't believe their excuses for waiting until the stores are almost bare. You'll hear from the procrastinators and the planners as the clock ticks down to Sunday.

Many times as you get older, you realize that it isn't about what's under the tree, but within your heart that makes the season special. Today, the very family who buried a son and lost their home this year in the April Tornado paid it forward. You won't believe what they're doing now that they've been blessed with furniture for their new home. WAFF's Shumuriel Ratliff has a very heart-warming story.

A Hazel Green family will bury their precious 7 year old tomorrow. I hope I can write this without crying, but little Taylor Letson is going to be buried in the cowboy boots she asked Santa to bring. The last week has been especially difficult for this family and two others families who buried young daughters, but this community has enveloped them to ease their emotional and financial burden. WAFF's Christine Pae is gathering info you'll want to hear.

Members of our military keep rolling in for the holidays. These homecomings make us all feel so good. We're there around the Valley to capture the cheers and tears.

Don't forget tomorrow night to follow Santa's trek into North Alabama. Click on the Santa Tracker on our Holiday 2011 homepage.

May your week be filled with good food, safe travels and many blessings. I'll be off next week spending time with family, so Happy Hanukah, Merry Christmas and all that goes with it!

See you next year,
Liz Hurley