Police release more details on Amanda Taylor’s death

Amanda Taylor
Amanda Taylor
Ronald Weems (Source: Colbert County Sheriff Department)
Ronald Weems (Source: Colbert County Sheriff Department)
Matthew Fox (Source: Colbert County Sheriff Department)
Matthew Fox (Source: Colbert County Sheriff Department)
Laurel Ann Pruett (Source: Colbert County Sheriff Department)
Laurel Ann Pruett (Source: Colbert County Sheriff Department)

MUSCLE SHOALS, AL (WAFF) - WAFF 48 News is uncovering new details about the murder of Amanda Taylor.

We obtained police documents outlining how Taylor was killed and the roles played by the three suspects.

Muscle Shoals Police charged three people after searching a home earlier in the week.

Investigators confirm remains found near Muscle Shoals over the weekend are Taylor.

The documents contain gruesome details on how they killed Amanda Taylor.

Some of this information may be disturbing, but here's a breakdown as to exactly how each of the suspects played a role in her death according to investigators.

According to a statement given to the ABI, Ronald Weems admitted to strangling Taylor in the basement of his home.

Police believe he used a nylon strap to commit the crime.

Matthew Fox is accused of suggesting that Weems cut off Taylor's fingers and toes in an effort to keep police from identifying her body.

And the third suspect, Laurel Pruett, is accused of helping Weems create an alibi and dispose of her belongings.

Investigators believe the murder took place in the basement of the house on Moss Avenue in Muscle Shoals.

It's the same home where Weems lived with his mother, his kids and off and on with Laurel Pruett.

We spoke with Weems' mother about her son's involvement in Amanda Taylor's death.

She said she had no idea anything happened at the home and is still in shock that her only son is to blame.

"It's just really hard. I never in my life thought my son could do something like this. He's the most gentle person with animals and with kids," said Laguania Weems.

Ronald's mother also said her son is a self-proclaimed "Juggalo" a member of what's known as ICP, or the "Insane Clown Posse".

We took a closer look at the ICP.

Officials said it's the newest group that poses a serious threat to communities, and they say it ranks right along next to more familiar gangs like the Crips and Bloods.

Officials said members of the group call themselves "Juggalos" or "Juggalettes."

They paint their faces to resemble clowns and engage in violence, often times criminal activity depicting songs by the hip-hop group the Insane Clown Posse.

They said members will often have stage names and wear the hatchet man logo.

Officials said they buy into the music that talks about things like beating their girlfriends, using axes to kill, and other topics too graphic for TV.

We spoke with gang investigator LaCell Sherman on the phone about the specifics of the group.

"It started as a cultic rock band, a rock-rap combination and basically kids doing raunchy, rambunctious stuff, and it grew and evolved into violence and has become more prevalent," said Sherman.

It's unclear at this time whether or not their actions were in fact a result of their involvement in the ICP, but officials said there's a good chance it did play a role.

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