WAFF 48 Star Student: Alex Worlund

You can usually find Alex Worlund with her head buried in a book. The 16-year-old junior at Covenant Christian Academy loves to read.

"I like reading Christian, like contemporary stuff. I also like Amish books. That's kind of like my guilty pleasure, reading Amish fiction," said Worlund.

While Alex enjoys fiction, it was the reality she found on the pages of her government school book that stirred up another yet another interest.

"It was like 'Oh, and by the way, there are high school students that are pages,' and I was like that looks really cool. I think I might like that," said Worlund.

Alex did a little research and sent an email to Senator Richard Shelby. His office said she may be able to get a summer page position, but it wasn't certain. Then, out of the blue, she received a call.

"They called me and were like 'oh someone canceled for July, would you like to come?' and I was like yes, I would love to," said Worlund.

Alex joined 51 other high school students in Washington, D.C. for four weeks as senate pages. They each had various responsibilities.

"If a senator was coming to speak, if they needed a water or a podium, we would go get that. Also if they had like bills or amendments that needed to be taken to different places in the senate, we would take those and put them where they are supposed to be," said Worlund.

She was there during the debt ceiling crisis, so she definitely learned a lot about politics during that short period of time.

However, while she enjoyed the experience, she knows that politics is not the career for her.

Alex is already a photographer, and she loves honing her craft. She is also very active in school, church, and in the community.

However, after graduation, Alex plans to head to place where she feels she is needed most.

"I have felt that there is a calling for my life to move to Africa and work in an orphanage," said Worlund.

So, for proudly representing our state in D.C., and pretty soon, representing us on another continent, Alex Worlund is a WAFF Star Student.

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