Fitness Friday: Gift of fitness for Christmas

Many of you have a Christmas wish list, but what about a fitness wish list?

Here are some items that can help you get a jumpstart on your new year's resolution.

From fitness gear to kitchen helpers, any of these are good gift ideas this season, but let's talk about a few of our picks that are great for motivating people to be more active and to eat better.

Remember when people told you that playing video games would make you lazy? (I heard that a lot.) Now video games are not only ultra cool and fun, but they can help you be more active.

The Nintendo Wii began this trend with games for sports, yoga, and bowling.  It's a classic gift.  And now you have the Kinect for Xbox that actually tracks your body movements to play the game. So you gotta move, to play.  And the whole family can play together.

A final gift idea for someone who's serious about their health is a gift card to a wellness or fitness center.  This will allow them to meet with a certified personal trainer, a registered dietitian, even a licensed massage therapist. These experts will work with their schedule to provide the individual attention needed to meet their goals.  The encouragement and the personalized plan they provide is something you just can't buy at a store.

And keep in mind that whatever motivates a person to stick with exercise and good nutrition is worth the cost! The gift of good health is truly priceless.

This was from Anna Key and Kevin Ready with Huntsville Hospital Wellness Center.

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