Bobby's Bama: Cut paper artist pushes boundaries at local art show

DECATUR, AL (WAFF) - These works of "cut paper" also show a little about the artist, Michael Liu. Born in Taiwan in 1962, he has a background as a track star, artist, military man and engineering graduate.

Kathryn Silvestri is the marketing and exhibits coordinator at the Carnegie Visual Arts Center in Decatur.

"And he also was like an interior designer so when he started doing art, it was just out of necessity of what his clients needed and then he found out he really loved it," Silvestri said.

Some of his most striking work is cut paper.

"It's very distinct, and we haven't seen anyone in this area do anything like this," she said.

The black lines are actually one very long ribbon of black paper glued into a painstakingly intricate design.

"If you were to hold it up, it's so delicate it would just fall apart," said Silvestri.

Liu also uses cut, dried flowers to accent his work. And while his signature is stamped in his native language, he also writes out his western name.  His expansion in this realm is moving toward layering.

"This, of course, looks very much like stained glass which I think was intentional," she said.

His detailed and realistic style carried over into the charcoal and pencil portraits. Friends, family and even dogs became models.

You'll also see the artist is multi-talented, working not only in pencil but charcoal. There's something for everyone, including Alabama or Auburn fans.

There are famous and not-so-famous faces.

Liu divides his time between Taiwan and Decatur. In one piece, the little city becomes a muse for his works, with homage going to the Princess, Carnegie and even Curry's.

The exhibit will be at the Carnegie until January 14th.

It's an exciting scene in Bobby's Bama.

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