Protect your cell phones, tablets from viruses

NEW YORK, NY (NBC) - Smart phones and tablets are the newest target of viruses.

Most people have anti-virus software for their PC or laptop. But not their cell phones.

In fact, Silicon Valley virus fighter McAfee just released a study claiming mobile viruses and hacks are at an all-time high. Android-powered phones are targeted the most, according to the study.

And bogus apps are often the biggest culprits.

"Somebody created a free version [of an app] on the android app store which is loaded with malware," said Bruce Snell with McAfee. "So you download it; you go through the install process; you don't think anything about that; and then sure enough, it's sending out information from your phone."

And these days many people have very private information stored on their phones -- like your address, your bank account numbers, and your email address.

So how do you protect yourself?

Snell suggests you use common sense, watch your apps, and don't click on anything too good to be true.

"You are going to see a lot of scams. 'Click here to donate money.' I mean, that's one where they really want to try to tug at your heart strings," Snell said. "You have to make sure the links you are going to are legitimate links."

For more information on how to protect your gadgets, and how to tell the difference between a good app and a bad one, click here.

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