On Wednesday, December 7th, WAFF48 will upgrade its transmitter facility. After the digital TV conversion in 2009, WAFF48's broadcast signal was moved to channel 49. As a result of this upgrade, we will be returning to channel 48 in your channel lineup.

If you subscribe to cable or satellite TV, you will not notice any difference and do not need to do anything in order to keep seeing WAFF48 on your TV. All adjustments will be taken care of by your provider.

But if you receive your TV signals via an over the air antenna, you may need to do a simple channel rescan or autoprogram on your television or digital converter box in order to see WAFF48 after the upgrade.

A channel rescan is a quick, easy process that can usually be performed using your remote control and the on-screen menu on your TV.

After the digital TV conversion in 2009, some viewers in the Tennessee Valley reported problems receiving WAFF48's signal over the air. If you have a friend of family member who is having trouble receiving our signal, please notify them of the transmitter upgrade, as it may solve the problem for some of those viewers.

If you have any questions about WAFF48's upcoming transmitter upgrade and what you may (or may not) need to do, send an e-mail to  Someone from the station will answer your question as soon as possible.

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