Fitness Friday: Proper clothes produce weight loss

Most of us have seen the health infomercials where people hold up the pair of pants they used to wear before they lost weight.

That may be a little extreme for people who want to shed pounds this holiday season, but your clothes play an important role in weight loss.

Black Friday kicks off the holiday shopping season for most of us, and I'm going to tell you how shopping can actually be good for your health.

It starts with the kind of clothes you purchase.

The clothes you wear are a good indicator of your health because they give you daily reminders of how your weight is doing.

See, people can avoid the scale, but you can't avoid wearing clothes (at least we hope that's the case).

Tight clothes clearly tell us when we need to buckle down on our eating and exercise habits. But you have to have the right clothes.  If your closet only contains stretch pants with expandable waistlines, it's time for a closet makeover.

If you've recently lost weight, get rid of those big clothes - sell them, donate them, get them out of your house.  Because if you keep them, you are unconsciously telling yourself that it's ok to gain that weight back.

So the saying holds true that clothes really do make the man (and the woman).

So as you shop this season, choose wisely for the sake of your health.

From Kevin Ready with Huntsville Hospital Wellness Center, reminding you to shop until you drop… that waistline.

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