Report claims Alabama poor pay most income taxes

A national report claims Alabama's poor pay the highest income taxes in the country. That study comes on the heels that the poverty line has increased by two percent.

The report suggests a family four with two parents pays nearly $500 a year. A single parent home of three pays almost $350.

Hawaii comes in second on the list and pays almost half the amount of state income tax Alabamians do.

The Center on Budget and Policy Priorities released the report on Tuesday. It fired up several groups across the Tennessee Valley. Arise Citizen's Policy Project, a non-profit group out that helps low-income families, says the numbers shouldn't come as a shock.

"What it really translates to is that families are having trouble buying milk and cereal with their kids," said Arise Citizen's Policy Project's Dale Clem. "In Huntsville alone, we have so many kids on free and reduced breakfast and lunches in our schools."

Hawaii and Georgia came in second and third, but also paid nearly half the income taxes Alabamians did.

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