Deadbolt Dangers: A WAFF 48 News Special Report

Is your home safe from a potential break-in? You might think simply having a deadbolt lock on your door will do the trick, but you may want to take another look at how it was installed and how you're using it.

In a test of common deadbolts, Consumer Reports found many of them don't give you as much protection as you might expect.

They found someone who knows what they're doing could easily get in with a few well-placed kicks or a standard cordless drill.

One homeowner allowed WAFF 48 News cameras and a locksmith into her home to check the safety of her locks.

"Our home was broken into in broad daylight at 10:00 in the morning on a main street, and it just so happens someone saw them going in. I don't sleep well because it's in the back of my mind, you know, is it going to happen again," she said.

The locksmith evaluated her doors, which he deemed to be relatively safe. He did give her some important pointers that all homeowners can put into place.

Rule 1: Every lock strike should have screws that go at least three inches into the wall. That way, the frame is harder to compromise if someone tries to kick the door in.

Rule 2: Always make sure your lock fully engages the door frame. If it's not all the way in there, you could be inviting a crook into your house.

Rule 3: If your door has glass on it, install a double cylinder lock. Make sure you keep the key nearby but out of reach from intruders. That way you can easily get out in case of emergency.home

Rule 4: Install the right equipment. Look for a deadbolt that is bump, pick, and drill resistant. (The locksmith we worked with recommends Medeco high-security locks.)

Rule 5: Install an alarm system and post the company's sign outside your home.

Huntsville Police said they have responded to 30 residence robberies in the last three weeks. Out of those 30, five or six were break-ins.

Police recommend forming a neighborhood watch program as the final protection against a home break-in.

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