State files response to Updyke's request to set value of Toomer's Corner trees

Harvey Updyke
Harvey Updyke

The State of Alabama has filed a response to the motion filed by Harvey Updyke asking a judge to set the value of the Toomer's Oaks at $20.

Updyke faces multiple felony charges. He's accused of poisoning the oak trees at Auburn's Toomer's Corner. If the value of the oaks is set at $20, the charges will be dropped to misdemeanors.

Prosecutors filed a motion in Lee County Circuit Court Wednesday morning asking a judge to allow them to introduce evidence of the cost of the measures taken to try to save the trees and "of the value of the trees themselves as viewed by not only Auburn University but by the people who believe in Auburn and love it."

The judge has not ruled on either motion. Updyke will go to trial October 31st.

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