WAFF 48 Star Student: Jovani Ruiz

Jovani Ruiz doesn't say much in class at Russellville Middle. You can describe the 11-year-old as a quiet young man, who enjoys school.

"My favorite class is science class because you get to do labs," said Ruiz.

However, one day last school year, the mind of this honor roll student began to wander.

"I was just thinking about it would be cool to make a video game," said Ruiz.

It didn't take long for his thoughts to become reality. He drew a character on paper, and he eventually made that character come to life inside of a computer screen.

Jovani created a video game called "Mack and Alex."

"The main character is Mack, and in the first one, which is the one that I'm working on now, he has to save Alex from Reusave, which is the main boss, the main guy which is trying to capture everyone. And he's making them into clones, so that they'll become evil. Then, Mack has to try to fight them to save Alex," said Ruiz.

He creates the plot as he goes, and it's taken him about a month to get this far.

"It's not finished yet, but I've got four levels on it," said Ruiz.

While he does most of the work, he says he gets ideas from his brothers and a friend as well. He even gives some credit to his little sister.

"She works for me in case developing. She made the cases to look like they are in 3-D," said Ruiz.

"I tell all of my students that they are all capable of great things, and so he is well on his way to finding out what that great thing is. So it's exciting to see him at that age be that motivated," said teacher Karren Sewell.

It's that motivation, creativity, and effort that makes Jovani Ruiz a WAFF 48 Star Student.

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