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Cooking meth, the red-p lab method


Five people face charges in connection to a meth bust on Double S Mountain Road.

WAFF is told the type of meth cooking in the home is especially dangerous, red phosphorus meth.

A drug agent calls this the "red-p" lab method, with a higher yield of meth, more potent drugs, and as far as dangerous - the only thing the chemical is legal for is matches and fireworks.

These meth labs are potentially more explosive than the one-pot way we're used to seeing.

An undercover drug agent said they are seeing more of these in the Valley.

They say the meth makers get the red phosphorus from matchbook covers.

One-pots can produce meth in one day.

But these red-p labs take two or three days to cook.

The cookers add far more chemicals with this method, and the red phosphorus is used as the heating agent, in itself, an igniter.

The drug agent said when a red-p lab explodes, it will take out the whole house and anything within 300 feet.

That agent said the one-pot meth labs they discover still far outnumber the red-p labs.

But they are seeing more, and one reason they think: Older meth cookers who get out of jail go back to this way, the way they've always made the dangerous drug.

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