Valley Muslims impacted by 9-11 anniversary

In the weeks and months after the September 11th attacks, some in the Muslim community were under attack as well.

It was a tense time, so WAFF wanted to know if anything has changed a decade later.

Those responsible for the attacks caused others with ties to the Middle East to endure their own religious persecution.

"I felt a lot of hatred. Anywhere I went I would get looked at especially if I was with my father. I would get looked at, he would get looked at, things would get said to us," said Kristen Moradi.

With an Iranian heritage, in the days following 9-11, Moradi was on the defense from those around her.

The twist, Moradi is a devout Christian, but for some it didn't matter.

She was getting attention for the wrong reason.

A Muslim man at the Islamic Center in Huntsville told WAFF he felt as though a few people hijacked the religion.

The labels and the bullying may still exist, but it opened the conversation for more people to learn about Islam for right reasons.

"Every city, every state there are going to be bad seeds that are going to make each culture look bad. You have to speak out and show people what you stand for," added Moradi.

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