Alabama Heavy Rescue started from 9-11 attacks

MADISON COUNTY, AL (WAFF) - Alabama's Heavy Rescue Team was formed shortly after 9-11.

The group is made up of 60 Madison and Huntsville firefighters.

They can deploy anywhere disaster strikes. And one of their first missions in 2003 was to help victims of Hurricane Ivan.

The team depends heavily on a fire and rescue truck, loaded with essential tools and supplies, everything from the jaws-of-life, to rope and chainsaws.

This truck is also symbolic to the men and women who use it.

There is an American flag on the back and a tribute to the 9-11 victims.

'We are a brother hood, Even though the firefighters were in New York, we are part of that brotherhood. Ten year event it's certainly on our minds. We think of these guys every day," said Captain and Red Team Leader for the Heavy Rescue, Russ Kennington.

The Heavy Rescue Team is paid for with federal funds from Homeland Security and EMA.

There are trained medics on board, and they train once a month to respond to disaster.

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