Valley officer remembers helping in New York after 9-11

MADISON, AL (WAFF) - First responders from across the country gave of their time to help New York City recover in the aftermath of the terrorist attacks.

That included some Valley police officers.

Madison Police Sergeant Clayton Jordan was one of a group of eight officers from that department who traveled to New York City to help just weeks after 9-11.

Sergeant Jordan is a school resource officer at Bob Jones High School.

He spoke to students about his experience, which he said touched him and the other officers deeply.

"That day, going to Ground Zero, it actually set in: Ok, this is why we're here. We saw, while we were there, TV didn't do it any justice. Your cameras could do no justice to what we actually saw," said Jordan.

Detective Marcus Adams also pitched in at Ground Zero. Though it's been a decade since his visit, Adams said he remembers the events as if it were yesterday.

"I was lucky enough to go. By the time we were leaving, they were turning away departments because they had that much help. They had so much to do. I just consider myself lucky that I got to go...and to stand at Ground Zero and smell and feel and see what you'd seen on TV, which didn't do it justice, and read the messages in the dust from the people that were missing loved ones. People that were mourning and were mad at the people that did this. All of their messages were written in front of you. These were people's stories. It was life-changing," said Adams.

Adams said he commemorates the anniversary of the September 11th attacks every year. He said he keeps up with the progress of the World Trade Center Memorial and is proud to see how the city is moving forward.

The Madison officers spent a week in New York, working security at several high-profile buildings.

They also filled in, whenever needed, for New York officers who needed rest.

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