9/11 Grissom Band holds tribute for Max Hammond

Grissom students have been practicing for weeks to get ready for one of their biggest concerts on Saturday. They are holding a concert in memory of former band member Max Hammond. Hammond was one of the thousands of people who lost his life during the 9/11 attacks.

"We all have mixed feelings about it, you know it's exciting, but it's sad too," said Band director Bill Connell.

Hammond graduated from the high school in 1982. Connell says he was a very active member of the band who played the trombone. He shares Hammond's story with the students every year.

"The one thing that we try to tell them about is that when they see videos of what happened on 9/11, Max was on the second plane that hit the World Trade Center so that's a shot that's been shown thousands of times, he was on that plane," said Connell.

Connell says after Hammond was killed, school officials asked his family if they could perform a memorial concert in his honor. Students today are humbled knowing that they're playing for a former Tiger.

"It gives me a great sense of Grissom pride. This is just our way of remembering him and the people that gave their lives," said Freshman Tyler Belk.

Connell says this is a tragedy the students should never forget.

"It's something you remember all your life. Most importantly, do everything that they can to make sure that it doesn't happen again." said Connell.

The concert starts at 7:30pm Saturday night. It will be in the Grissom Auditorium. It is free, but donations are welcome.

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