Martin Methodist receives debris from World Trade Center

PULASKI, TN (WAFF) - A special ceremony was held Thursday at Martin Methodist College to mark the 10 year anniversary of 9-11.

The ceremony was held on Martin Methodist campus greens in Pulaski, Tennessee on Thursday.

The college received three pieces of steel debris from the World Trade Center from New York City in August 2002. It was on display as part of the ceremony.

College president Ted Brown said the college, which had and still has a number of international students, was greatly affected by the tragedy.

"We had a tense campus. I think we were representative of what was going on globally in this tiny town on this tiny campus, and we were able to work out our differences, and I think that's the effect it had on us," said Brown.

Martin Methodist College was one of only two educational institutions in Tennessee to receive any debris from Ground Zero. And is the only institution in the world, other than the Smithsonian, to have more than one piece.

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