Mediation for moldy apartments around the bend

Tenants at a Huntsville apartment complex are taking their fight with the landlord to court.

It's a story WAFF has been following for about a year now.

Seven tenants filed a lawsuit against the property owner of what was formerly known as "Amos Gardens Apartments" off Winchester Road in Huntsville.

Tenants claim the apartments became unlivable due to mold, leaks, and it gave them health problems.

Attorney Robert Shipman, who's representing the tenants, said they stopped paying rent after the property owner wouldn't fix the problems.

"They said if it or I am not going to pay the rent, well what does that do to their credit? Then they need a loan from the bank, they can't get one. So it affects them not only health wise, social piraya according what the Amos Gardens people would say," said Shipman.

Mediation between the tenants and the property owner is set for September 12th.

Stay with us as this story develops.

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