Forecasters: Tropical Storm Lee forms in the Gulf

Headed to the Gulf this weekend? Prepare for some wet weather. Tropical Storm Lee has formed in the Gulf of Mexico and is already bringing rain to Louisiana.

Stay tuned to WAFF 48 News for the latest forecast from the 48 Storm Team. We will also bring you the latest online at And be sure to check out our Hurricane Tracker on our weather page where you can see the latest developments in the Gulf.

The 48 Storm Team is also keeping the Huntsville Weather Blog updated so you know what to expect this Labor Day weekend.

If you're already on the road and want to know the latest about the weather where you are, download the 48 Storm Team weather app on your smart phone. Here's a video tutorial on how to track hurricanes on the weather app.

Make sure you keep and eye on the weather and have a great Labor Day weekend!