Marshall County officials apply for community storm shelter

MARSHALL COUNTY, AL (WAFF) - Marshall County officials are applying for a new community storm shelter that would be located close to where five members of one family were killed.

Nearly four months after a deadly EF-4 tornado ripped through the Ruth community, construction on Carol Head's new home is nearing completion.

But after living through the last tornado, she is thinking ahead to what would happen if another tornado struck the community again.

"I would be pleased to see a lot of people get underground shelters which I put in for one. I don't know if I'll get it or not," she said.

Carol said if she doesn't get approved for an underground shelter, she wondered about where she would go during bad weather.

"We had some high winds a few days ago and I was about ready to run that day," she said.

Marshall County Emergency Management officials hope Carol and her neighbors will soon have a shelter to go to.

Down the road, Earthlink re-opened Monday after suffering tornado damage in April. EMA officials said they're partnering with them to apply for a community shelter to place eight pods, which would be one of the state's largest community shelters.

"We would have six of these that would house personnel, roughly one hundred people per pod," Anita McBurnett, Marshall County EMA Director.

McBurnett said two pods would be used for restrooms, communications, and storage. In a growing area, she feels it's a win-win deal.

"Subdivisions that are going up in and around the area and it is a historically high tornado track path," she said.

If the Federal grant is approved the community storm shelter will be able to house up to 600 people.

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